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Learn about Fatbtc trading platform

by Thắng Nguyễn

1. What is fatbtc?
Fatbtc is a cryptocurrency exchange established in China and operating in the Chinese market itself. The special thing of Fatbtc is that this exchange accepts to work with local banks to deposit and withdraw money on the exchange. Because of this feature, the exchange has received high trust from long-term investors and contributed to support new investors entering the market without any coins.
2. Outstanding features of the Fatbtc trading platform
Security: The Fatbtc exchange is accepted by the bank to deposit and withdraw money from the exchange because of its good security. Fatbtc uses SSL encryption technology, multi-signature security, two-factor authentication (2FA).
Transaction fees: Trading fees on Fatbtc are quite competitive with a fee of 0.2% per transaction.
Deposit fee: floor does not charge a deposit fee.
Listed currencies: The exchange supports a lot of different coins, including popular coins such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP …
Interface: the interface of the floor is considered unfriendly and quite difficult to use.
Languages: The platform supports 4 languages: Chinese, English, Korean and Spanish.
Legal tender: the exchange only supports one legal tender, the yuan.
Customer support: the floor is committed to supporting customers 24/7 through various channels, from hotlines to social networks.

3. Transaction fee on Fatbtc
Deposit fee at the floor: 0%.
Trading transaction fee: 0.2%.
Currently it also allows withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies that they support with a different fee for each currency.
4. Is Fatbtc floor fraud?
Currently the floor has never had a scam and has never been a hacker attack. This is a good sign for investors.
5. Should I trade on Fatbtc?
With almost absolute security guaranteed by the bank, Fatbtc is really one of the exchanges that you should invest, especially if you are a new investor entering the cryptocurrency market. The combination with the bank helps support new investors who have never owned any cryptocurrency. Competitive transaction fee of only 0.2% is also a big plus point of Fatbtc. Get started with Fatbtc to enter the crypto market right now. I wish you every success in cryptocurrency investment.

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