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What is NEO? Learn about NEO currency, how to invest in NEO currency

by Thắng Nguyễn

1.NEO is what?
NEO is China’s first open source platform and has been dubbed “China’s Ethereum”.
NEO was created to change the traditional economy and gradually towards the smart economy. The platform will digitize assets by smart contracts thereby bringing blockchain closer to the public.
NEO also supports popular programming languages ​​such as Javascript, C ++ and technology enhancements that make the platform more difficult for hackers to hack than Ethereum.
2.The goal that NEO is aiming for
NEO aims to be a smart economy for everyone by using blockchain technology and digital identification to digitize assets.
3. NEO 3.0 development plan
The NEO 3.0 development plan was started in the fourth quarter of 2018, but was delayed due to a review of all features. NEO 3.0’s Testnet was launched in the first quarter of 2019. After the Mainnet NEO 3.0 was released, project developers on the current platform will be supported to migrate their DApps from NEO 2.x to NEO 3.0. .

4. Factors affecting the price of NEO
Like other cryptocurrencies, the price of the NEO coin will depend heavily on the price of Bitcoin. Along with that is the news of political economy, especially in China, by a large part of the NEO community in this country.
The actions of the Chinese government are the news that made NEO’s price fluctuate the most.
5. The future of NEO coins
NEO is showing a bright prospect when it still keeps rising despite many moves to crack down on Chinese cryptocurrencies. Once cooperating with a business in China, the value of NEO will surely explode once again, especially after the statement of Chinese President Xi Jinping, “Blockchain will be an important breakthrough. ”In October 2019.
6. What does NEO’s CEO say about the project?
Da Hongfei, CEO of NEO, thinks that NEO will soon have an abundant user base because the project plans to allow contracts to be coded in a language that up to 90% of developers can understand them. .
7. Should I invest in NEO?
With strong potential, NEO is fully capable of receiving huge support from Chinese enterprises. Along with the move to support the development of innovative projects by the Beijing government, it can be said that an open future awaits NEO.
However, be alert to choose the right time before money down for any deal, because any opportunity comes with risks.
8.NOO trading platforms
Currently, NEO is supported by most popular exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex …
Please choose a reputable broker with an appropriate cost before deciding to trade. Good luck!

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