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What is tomochain (TOMO)? Learn about TOMO cryptocurrency

by Thắng Nguyễn

1. What is Tomochain?
Tomochain is a Blockchain platform built by the development team to become an Public Blockchain integrated EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with the advantage of low transaction fees, fast authentication time and high security.
2) The math problem is set and solved by Tomochain
Like other platforms, Tomochain’s problem is to find ways to improve the existing weaknesses of Blockchain technology and improve it. The outstanding issues of the current Blockchain platform that the Tomochain development team focuses on solving are the slow payment speed, especially the congestion problem in the Ethereum network; high transaction fees; limited scalability; the majority of other blockchains are still highly centralized, making it difficult to interact with the Ethereum platform.
3. Tomochain’s workaround
TomoChain now has 150 Master Nodes operating under the PoS Voting consensus mechanism which helps to provide extremely low transaction costs and a waiting time for accepting a transaction of only 2 seconds.
Supports all information contracts, EVM and Atomic Cross Chain integration protocols. As a result, any smart contract of Ethereum can be transferred to Tomochain easily.
4. What is TOMO?

TOMO is a coin running on Tomochain’s blockchain platform. TOMO is an important component, motivating activity in Tomochain’s network.
TOMO was previously an ERC 20 standard token of Ethereum, then officially became a coin after the Mainnet event on December 14, 2018 of TomoChain. With 150 Master Nodes, TOMO becomes the coin that runs within its own platform.
TOMO is the currency of the Tomochain ecosystem with the function of creating the main motivation for users to contribute to the system. At the same time, it is also used by third parties to use services in Tomochain’s ecosystem.
5. Functions of the TOMO currency
a) Pay bonuses to the Master Nodes and the Staker
Master Node and Staker are the contributors to transaction validation and block closure in the blockchain. So TOMO will be used as a reward for these people.
The total amount of TOMO reserved for reward is 17 000 000 TOMO and will be issued within 8 years. After 8 years, rewards for Master Nodes will be taken from the transaction fee. However, the Master Node has the right to decide whether to increase by 0.5 or 1 million TOMO annually to pay bonus or not.
b) Stake and receive rewards
c) used by the development team to build and develop the Tomochain ecosystem.
d) pay bonuses for the Hackathon organized by Tomochain.
e) raise funds for projects built on Tomochain’s blockchain.
Similar to the Ethereum Blockchain, TomoChain also allows building DApps on the platform and raising capital with TOMO.
6.How to find TOMO
There are three ways to earn TOMO:
Buy directly on the exchanges.
Become Master Node, Staker to receive the reward is TOMO.
Participate in some programs such as Bounty, Airdrop of TomoChain to receive rewards.
7. TOMO storage rack
In addition to storing directly on exchanges that support TOMO copper trading, you can store in wallets such as Ledger Nano, Trezor, MetaMask, TrustWallet, MyEtherWallet …
8. TOMO trading floor
Currently, TOMO is mainly traded on Bithumb, Binance, KuCoin, Hotbit, Gate.io …
9. Should you invest in TOMO?
Tomochain is a young but ambitious project, the development team is still focusing on developing an ecosystem including TomoScan, TomoWallet, TomoSwap, Tomo DEX.
Demand for TOMO coins is forecast to continue to increase in the long term as many third-party projects are being built on the Tomochain platform and raising capital in TOMO coins, thereby pushing up the price of TOMO coins in the long run. . While there are many potentials, investors should always be at risk, and therefore a long-term strategy is needed before making decisions down to reduce risks and reap the benefits. long-term profit. I wish you a successful investment!

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